Mission : The FACIT - Faculty of Science of Tocantins have the mission of economy develop and social  from the region where she inserts, through teaching activity, search and extension, according  by  excellence pattern and between principles that govern the liberty exercise, of justice, of citizenship, of education, and the social responsibility, environmental, cultural and scientific, always searching, focuses in human values, to form citizens and tuned with technological, priming for the excellency to minister the teaching, respecting the specificity  in each modality.


Vision : The guiding principles that base and strengthen the pedagogy project of FACIT are :

·         Teaching articulation, search, extensions and postgraduate;

·         Superior teaching implementation;

·         Agreements celebrations, partnerships with institutions related;

·         Permanent institution evaluation;

·         Modern structure Implantation organizational of teaching ;

·         Permanent teaching evaluation;

The specifics guidelines it can be found on the Pedagogy Project of each course (PPI)


Business: Technician Teaching, Superior and postgraduate

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    Unidade I: Rua D 25, Qd 11, Lt 10 - Setor George Yunes (Próximo à Av. José de Brito)Unidade II: TO 222, Luiz Pires.
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    0800 646 7277(63) 3414 4625(63) 3413 2152