In 2017, the FACIT had have established a importance partnership of academic  exchange, with the  Universidad Catolica Boliviana San Pablo, Of Bolivia. The agreement further establishes, organization and speeches realization , meetings, reunions e others events with an academics  finality, beyond to facilities of the material exchange to the knowledge, for searches and scientific results.

Another importance agreement was established was with the University Lusófona of Porto, in Portugual, for an exchange of knowledge.

O JOFI- Jornal of Orofacial Investigation, publish searchers and articles in tree languages (Portuguese,English and Spanish) an recently was indexed by CAPES (Level Superior Coordination of Private Perfection) checking out all the excellency for the publication.

The JNT- Facit Business and Technology Journal have a mission to represent unedited works to knowledge promotion and administrative practices, technological and related areas.

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