In all the moment, FACIT meets all the students to do activities in favor of the environment, in each on the responsibility and incentive that the learning are well shared with communities.

-         Project to Plant and Care: Stimulate the  new students to plant seedling, from natives species of the cerrado  on the external area of Campus II. It is already 4000 planted trees.

-         Project “Ciliary Mat Protection of Araguaia River “: The The extension of Plant and Care, take ambitious information for Ribeirinha population ,beyond the planting of seendling by the river marge

-         Papa Pilhas : Provides coletors of stacks and batteries , exclusive cell phone, on the FACIT Campis and in others establishments with partners in action


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    Unidade I: Rua D 25, Qd 11, Lt 10 - Setor George Yunes (Próximo à Av. José de Brito)Unidade II: TO 222, Luiz Pires.
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    0800 646 7277(63) 3414 4625(63) 3413 2152