Manager ( Bachelor degree) Modern Formation, theory allying and practice.

In FACIT, the Manager future, have a focus on the market formation, but with out losing the academic component of profession. The course it is full of practice activity and current  experience.

   -Modern Methods of teaching base on cases and real projects

   -Learnings with some simulators business

   -Experience teacher and actualities

   -Intensives internships and integration with the market

   -Incentive for creation of startups

   -Focus contents in markets jobs

   -Curricular practice Experience and Innovate

   -Actions social  engagements and environmental

   -Seminars and events that provide contact with actual practice on the market

   -Agreements with local companies for visits, stages and others activities

   -International Agreements with University in Bolivia and Portugal that permits that ours students are able to study at least for a year in another country


 Analysis and System Development ( Technologist Superior): Market Focus

The professional in Information Technology formed by FACIT, it will be totally fit to act in all segments that involve programs , data transformation, software management projects , between them and others markets demands.

-         Duration courses of 2,5 years, inserting the students in a fast form and efficient on the market services

-         Computer Lab of last generation with gadgets Macminis

-         Partnerships  with companies on the market

-         Practices classroom in the computer lab and computers networks

-         Events realizations involving the students and acting  professional on the market

-         Initial salary around R$ 5 thousand, being able to reach from R$ 15 in charges in managers and  director


Dentistry (Bachelor degree): Reference in Tocantins

Since the creation, FACIT is reference in all Tocantins and the south regions from Para and Maranhao in Dentistry area. We have reached with grace excellence several differential:

-         Grade 4 on MEC ( Maximus 5)

-         A duration course in 4 half years ( one less semester then the others )

-         Based learning on PLB, that propose, general problematic, resolution and actives methodologies

-         Humanized learning , approaching the students with social demands

-         Pioneering in hospital stages, school, clinics and Basic Unity of  health

-         Rural Stages in indigenous villages

-         Curricular matrix integrative, relating the learning  with each discipline

-         Incentive the search with scientific research and Electronic magazine (JOFI) undisguised by CAPES

-         Annual journey Academic

-         Agreements international with University of Bolivia and Portugal

-         Professors Maters and Doctors on the area

-         Extension projects innovative , that they add more knowledge

-         Structure with lab and stylish clinics, with gadgets of last generation , and allying technologic and teaching


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    Unidade I: Rua D 25, Qd 11, Lt 10 - Setor George Yunes (Próximo à Av. José de Brito)Unidade II: TO 222, Luiz Pires.
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